Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre

Those mountains are AMAZING. My favourites so far. Campings are free and there are not so many people hiking there, the scenery is perfect.

I got to the camping near to the Fitz Roy on sunday evening. The sky was clear and the view just right:


Unfortunately the weather may be the problem there. I hiked to the Fitz Roy viewpoint in the morning but could not see the mountain:


When I got back to the camping it started to rain. I spent some time in a camp reading books but eventually decided to move to the other camp, just by the Cerro Torre. Three hour walk in a moderate rain means that everything you have which is not rain proof would be wet. And it was. 

So it ends up you try to dry your clothes at night, in a small tent, but actually you hope there would be some sun tomorrow. 


On wednesday morning, Cerro Torre was also in the clouds. Thankfully, at 4 PM the mountain came out:


Happy to see that I eventually decided to go back to El Chalten. Ready for some other adventure. And what is better after few days hike than beer?


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