Every night different adventure


So I rode all the way from Chetumal to Belize City yesterday. Somewhere around 10km before my destination I was stopped by police and due to insurance I didn’t get they wanted to take my bike until I’ll buy one. At some point I realised that they want me to bribe them, but thankfully they finally let me go. Every night different adventure.

Belize is a specific country, people speak at least three languages (English, Spanish and one from Africa), black africans and creoles are about 30% of population. Although since 1981 Belize is no more a British colony, Queen Elizabeth II is still on every bill.

Gettin my tire fixed wasn’t hard at all.



Alain is Haitan and works in a hostel in Chetumal. He remembers the horrible football match during the World Cup in Germany, Poland played with Haiti and won 7:0.


Sorry but no pictures of corrupted Police.

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