The Story of Two Motorcycles, Selling The Bike, Buying The Bike


Travelling brings freedom. Travelling on a motorbike brings freedom. Having a motorbike, unless you don’t need to sell it, brings freedom. At the the end of your trip, the motorbike looses all it’s magical properties. Then it’s just becomes a bleak mixture of metal, plastic and rubber. Just a week before it was bringing joy, now it can be a little pain. I would prefer it would happen the other way around.

I almost bought a motorbike today, a Honda Tornado XR 250 to be precise. The motorbike was originally owned by some Swiss guy, then Kiwi and today it’s owned by an Australian named Sam, which by the way is heading to the airport right now to catch the plane to Buenos Aires and then to Bali. Sam had to go, so the bargain was quite good. Shortly before buying the bike I just realised how insane I was to plan to buy the second motorbike and trying to sell the first one while being on the road.

But Sam really needed to sell the bike so he gave me even a better offer. We eventually went to a small moto shop district and I already decided to sell my motorbike for $200 – $300 so that the new owner could part it out. Lot’s of bad carma and tears, because this Honda CGL125 is a decent bike that deserves a good owner. And it’s so fun to ride.

But nobody wants to buy the bike even for parts, the price melts to $250, then $200… Latinos are checking out the bike and the papers and not jumping into the deal… The price drops to $150. Enough!

Patience should have it’s limit and couple of days here in Medellin gave me another priceless lesson. The motorbikes stays with me, in couple of days I’m heading to Bogota and then across the Colombia. Tornado stays in Medellin, after I’ll sell my bike I’ll finish the deal with Sam while he is in Asia… Hopefully I’ll sell the motorbike to some laid back Aussie surfer who will enjoy it riding down the Ecuador coast while looking for the waves. And then he’ll sell it to another one and just after 100 thousand kilometres it’ll stop forever and in the meantime the story of the first owner that rode it all the way down from Mexico will be told once or twice. Maybe. Or maybe it’ll land up in parts in some Colombian garage… Or maybe I’ll just ride it all around South America!

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  • Ucyselalu says:

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