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I am a vagabond, digital nomad and independent developer. I travel, write and create apps and websites, for fun and to sustain my humble voyages. I find my inspiration in everyday travelling, simply I make tools that solve problems I run into myself. Hopefully my apps can help you as well.

icon170x170-1 Weather Hopper for Web and iPhone (website, iTunes)
It’s a great tool to learn about typical weather for a certain place. Planning a vacation? Use it to learn where to go. Are you a long term traveller, perpetual summer hunter trying to figure out your next move? Explore your possibilities.

icon170x170 Vocab for Mac and iPhone (website)
Vocab is a smart vocabulary learning suite, a convenient way to harness your vocabulary. It simply follows your progress and thanks to adaptive algorithms knows which words you need to train at the moment. Vocab is also elastic. It gives you control over your data, you can train many languages, organise your vocabulary into files and folders (example: lessons and books).

icon170x170 Map Notes For Travellers for iPhone (iTunes)
Map Notes For Travellers allows you to take your travelling plans in your pocket. Forget about taking notes on paper or trying to remember it all. Whenever you find a travel place to visit or get a recommendation, you can store certain location on a map. It works offline (for browsing) so you don’t have to worry about spotty Wi-Fi or expensive 3G.

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