From Belize to Guatemala

Two days ago I rode my first thousand kilometre and right now the bike shows something around 1400. It happened on my three day trip from Belize City to Guatemala City, it was a long ride but it is still a little bit too early to write about my experiences regarding travelling on a motorbike. So I am going to stick with a few pictures.

„Having vacation” during my stay in Belize City; An island „Caye Caulker” is one of the places where holiday people go, here on the picutre tourist are about to run away from unexpected storm.


Random house somewhere in the heart of Belize. Notice anti flood architecture, which is common in this country.DSC00389

Tikal, huge archeological site with enormous pyramids. Last Mayan ruins I visited this year and probably one of the last on this trip. Enough is enough.DSC00417