Protests and manifestations are normal in Bolivia, they are happening here all the time. One of the worst form for me are road blockades. In short, lets say some workers union blocks all main roads across the country until the agreement with goverment is made. This means that whole traffic on main roads is stopped, you are stuck in a city and it is not so easy to go to the other place (without buying a plane ticket).

Blockades in all the country started today, no one knows until when. Just when I wanted to go to Trinidad.

However there is some workaround for that, you can take a shared taxi to the first blockade, walk through the blockade, take other taxi from the other side of the blockade. Repeat until your final destination. More expensive, tiring, long but possible. So I will eventually somehow try to go to Trinidad tommorow, time to change the landscape.

PS I can hear fireworks again. It means that there is some manifestation in Santa Cruz right now. I heard them also during my stay in every other Bolivian city…