Easy Riding Central American Roads and Beaches… Costa Rica!


I run like a crazy recently, little bit because I am going to hit a deadline really soon, but also because I just got tired of typical travelling, which is moving from one backpacker location to the other. So I just pass by popular destinations, such as Ometepe Island or surfers paradise San Juan del Sur and enjoy everyday life on the road, just looking at the world that goes by.

The most important revelation of last few days is that instead of admiring beaches from the road I can actually ride them. Don’t ask if it’s legal because here in Central America anything is possible.

DSC02341Smart marketing. One sign showing two most favourite Latin American symbols. (Nicaragua)

DSC02344This is the closest I got to Ometepe island. New canal (competition to Panama Canal) is still waiting for the construction. According to plans, Nicaragua Lake will be a part of it (see details on the map). (Nicaragua)

DSC02368And eventually pictures from Costa Rica. I met Mike on the border; his helmet doesn’t look too safe, especially with his big Kawasaki, but I guess you have to look cool anyway. Glasses prevent flies getting into his eyes.

DSC02369Costa Rica.

DSC02384Costa Rica.

DSC02397Woo hoo! (Costa Rica)

DSC02426OK, that sand is not good for riding a motorbike. (Costa Rica)

DSC02399It doesn’t get any better than that. (Costa Rica)

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