One good ride

Northern California. I was just dropped off on Highway 101 and I am trying to hitch a ride. It’s little bit late and I hope that I will catch something that will take me further.

I am on the road for three days now. I didn’t have proper shower since the beginning, didn’t shave as well. I put my hat on and try to smile, pretend that I am not a bum but clean, happy and interesting person.

In some time I can see car slowing down, a young smiling woman is waiving coquettishly. She stops and I can see her getting out of the car, attractive, tanned mediterranean type of beauty, wearing black dress. She waves again and I know that hitchhikers wheel of fortune draws me a good ride.

Soon after a short while of awkwardness and tension we are having a good chat. I like the way she laughs and does things in her own specific way. It’s getting late and dark, she doesn’t know me but shortly I get an invitation to stay overnight at her place. She trust her intuition and doesn’t take life as most of us do. I meet her roommates, everything is just right. Their place is harmonious, you can feel there some good energy and love. And I try my best to learn little bit more about it.

In the morning she gives me a ride to the highway. I am usually in a rush at all times but this special harmony, happiness and calmness she emanates with makes me forget that I am in a hurry. We talk again and as yesterdays chat it is unique. Here and now or there and then.

Eventually I get off on the highway, in a cloudy drizzle day, watching her turning around and driving away. There I am, sixty miles more further on my way to San Francisco and light years more on my own spiritual journey.

Cover picture is a painting I shoot in Seattle Art Museum. I have no idea what’s the artist name or title.