Highway Star

This is an audio-verbal post, listen and read.


I was too optimistic, the trip took me two and a half days. Sometimes you have to be unrealistic and push your limits. However I still believe it’s doable and maybe next time I’ll achieve it.

But to the point, I left my aunt house in London around 8:30 on Monday morning and arrived in the Wenesdays afternoon to my parents house. Actually the first ride I got was around 2 PM, it was really hard to find good hitchhiking spot to get out from London.

The first ride I had was with Hungarian truck driver. He hardly spoke English but still, he was able to make a business out of me, he asked for 12 Euros for driving me through Eurotunnel.

Next, some Polish mobile fridge truck took me and after two hours ride through France and Belgium, using CB radio, he found me the next ride. And it was perfect, because shortly after that I landed in Polish bullet going  straight to Cracow!

Year 2005, 2.0l Passat can cross Europe as twice fast as typical truck (90km/h speed limit). The story behind this ride is long enough for another entry, but in short, around 1 AM the car broke in Holland. We had to stop on motorway 10 km away from Eindhoven, with electronic hand brake stuck. The bullet was too good to be true. So I packed my stuff, found a cosy place to spend a night and hoped for more luck the next day.


imageClima en inglaterra es mierda


Tuesday started miserably, woke up around 8 AM and walked long across wet grassy fields to find highway entrance. Shortly before 11 AM some Dutch guy took me some 20 km to the gas station, where I could ask some Polish truck drivers for I ride. And it is easy as usual, but still those trucks go really slow, this one was unlikely packed with heavy car parts for Volkswagen Golf factory.

After that I end up stuck for over 2 hours in a gas station near Hannover and eventually got a ride with 22 year old student from Poznań. Straight to Poznań, also with relaxed German hitchhiker girl, Tamara, saying goodbye to us in Berlin.

Wednesday was a cheating day. I took a train at 2 AM to Warsaw and then transferred to another one to my home town. Having two hours time to visit some friends in Warsaw.

This is what long distance, non stop hitchhiking is like. Feeling like shit, amazing or numb. It is always worth it.