I made to Trinidad in one day, on wednesday.

5 taxis, 3 road blockades (and additional one which let people go once) and 3 motorbike rides. Blockades are usually placed at bridges, so you need to get to the nearest town to get another shared taxi. The fastest way is a ride on a motorbike. My drivers did not have any problems taking me with my large backpack on by back and a guitar. Actually, in the evening we were driving with 3 people on one bike (also with a backpack and a guitar). But it is still nothing because the day after I saw a five person family (mostly kids) on a single motorbike.

But to the point, the journey costed me around 110 Bolivianos (instead of 80) and was around 2 hour longer than the bus ride. Plus, the pleasure of new adventure, possibility to see blockades and meet some nice people that host me now (during my wait for the other kind of adventure).