Postcard from Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

This footage was recorder in January 2014. Short videoclip about Lake Atitlán, one of the most popular destinations in Guatemala, doesn’t feature any tourists. Unfortunately the place has too many of them…

Located on western edge of the lake, small town San Pedro La Laguna, with its overwhelming “fucked up architectural Latino style”, permanent party and surprisingly high prices is backpackers base in the region. Everybody will find something for themselves, including an exotic “Russian Psy Bar”, which is a Psychedelic Trance venue run by young Russians. And this is not a coincidence, because during the last days of the year Lake Atitlán hosts major hippie festival, Cosmic Convergence.

In the northern part of the lake you can find a small town San Marcos La Laguna, kind of a New Age mecca. It’s a place where you can live in one of many inspiring eco houses, dedicate yourself to meditation and yoga, discover your inner powers or… find what you are looking for on your own journey.

The road around the lake varies, a trip along south rim will provide you with huge amounts of beautiful views, everything has its price though. The area has it’s bad reputation of robberies, additionally some parts of the road are not paved and you have to know that riding steep dirt hills is not fun. End of all, the most convenient way to travel around the lake are motorboats and ferries of all sorts.

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