Lifetramp Review: what it is, how it works and how I spent a day as a muralist


If you were thinking I’d write about the Warsaw Uprising… then you were right! Yesterday, at 5 PM everybody stopped for a while and recalled what happened 70 years ago. Including my one day Lifetramp crew – Adam, Ania, Paulina, Łukasz, Maciek and Marcin.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

Do you already know what you would like to do with your life? Or maybe you somehow feel that the thing you are doing right now is not the one you actually love? They say that all the magic happens outside our comfort zone and it is really hard to experience meaningful things while staying in the comfort zone. But hey, there is Lifetramp, which is… a journey to your dream career!

Lifetramp is a new website, which idea could be easily described as Couchsurfing for jobs. Lifetramp is simple – it helps you contact specialist from various professions, who are happy to invite you to spend a day with them, so you could see what the actually do. Lifetramp host will tell and show you about his or her job and with a little bit of energy you can try it yourself! In other words, Lifetramp lets you live a day of somebody from other profession.


Adam, my yesterday’s hosts showed me his earlier mural. It’s based on Hollywood movies ant it occupies four floors of a staircase. Adam and Ania’s company, ad manum, paints murals for anybody willing to have one and pay. On Lifetramp Adam introduces a day with him as something like that: you’ll have a lot of work to do and loads of paint under your nails. I could contact Adam easily, after a couple of messages he arranged a meeting. When I showed up he told me a little bit about the work that muralists do, i.e. how they design and execute the ideas. I had the best possible example: their current mural, a 600 square metre painting I was about to contribute to.


Shortly I changed and climbed the scaffolding. I’m not sure why, but I like working on heights. Maybe because I love climbing or maybe just because as a kid I used to spend whole afternoons climbing trees. Whatever it is, if it involves heights and climbing then I’m in. In the picture: Paulina.


In that case it was easy – the team had the scaffolding made by the renovation team already. Sometimes a muralist have to stand on a ladder for hours, often in an uncomfortable position.


Painting the wall involves painting over hundred of various stencils. Before that they need to be designed, printed and cut by a hand though. In the picture: Ania and Maciek.


Sometimes you’ll need to unfold some of them to find the right one. In the picture: Marcin.

DSC04761In the picture: Paulina and Łukasz.

I’ve spent most of the day on painting over the stencils and fixing some other places. According to Adams promises, I finished up tired and with lots of paint under my nails. Today I woke up looking at the wall and painting over it, but only in my imagination – it sounds like a lot of experiences from one Lifetramping day. If you would like to paint something as well you should contact Adam – you’ll find him on Lifetramp.

The website is in beta and it has some bugs. There are not that many mentors yet but if you keep your head open you’ll be lucky to find somebody interesting. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself or maybe even find a passion for life?

Lifetramp is free, but creators ecourage you to buy your mentor a lunch. It seems like the exchange “help for the experience” is appropriate as well, because everybody is winning here.

And you? Who you would like to be for a day?


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