Backpanotista: From Medellin to Bogota in 3 days, new pictures!


Riding on dirt roads in rainy season ends like that.

I arrived to Bogota. Before my departure I thought that I can actually ride all the way from Medellin to Bogota in one day. Then I figured out that would be good to stay somewhere nice in between for a night. Eventually I realised that the whole trip between two cities is full of fascinating places to see. Besides, I didn’t quite feel like staying in a big city again for a long time. Three days on the road were amazing and that’s thanks to the freedom of that comes out of travelling on a motorbike.

Traffic here can be madness. Big and old trucks are climbing the hills slowly, obscuring the view and polluting the air. I was really surprised to experience the power that was hidden in a small Honda engine, taking over trucks going up the hills is smooth and the size of my motorcycle is the advantage that beats most of the cars.

The rainy season here in Colombia is at its peak right now. I barely made out of Medellin and it started to rain really hard. It actually didn’t make any sense to wait until it’s over, because I could easily wait till December or January so I just accepted the challenge and drove. The details are about to come, I’ll publish the movie from the trip shortly. In the meantime take a look at some pictures.

Day 1. The art of desing.

Day 2. The God exists and looks like that.

Day 2. One lane of the road was block which caused terrible traffic jams. Doesn’t apply to motorbikes though.

Day 3. This guy is a man. He fixed my dent in less than 15 minutes.

Day 3. Seven, a lucky number.

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