I’m back in Latin America. It feels good to speak Spanish again!

After short and uneventful stay in Ensenada I finally decided to take twenty four hour bus down to La Paz, all the way through Baja California. I desperately hoped to see and experience something new. Last weeks in California were full of concrete, burned yellow landscape and this specific, first world mentality.

Somewhere in the middle of the trip the landscape changed from dry grass to cactuses, mountains and lots of green vegetation. Hidden and charming beaches started to pop out one after another, each one with lots of tiny wooden gringo huts. The air was hot and smelled sweet. At some point I saw an exotic bird staring calmly at the sea and it felt so close to paradise. What a shame to be on a long haul bus without any opportunity to stop and explore.

Shortly after we arrived to La Paz I saw a stunning sunset with almost all shades of yellow, orange and red. Whatever euphoria you can get from travelling there is often a price for that type of long time solo vagabonding. Its names are homesickness, loneliness, routine, boredom and tiredness. Not all the time and not everywhere, but always unexpected and unpleasant.



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