I Nailed it

I am going to make sure that this nail is not going to flat any more tire.

Today was my first day on the road. I rode all the way from Tulum to Chetumal. OK, almost, because seven kilometres before my destination, I got a flat tire. Rear wheel, horrible 10cm nail lying on the road.


Late Sunday evening in a border town in Mexico. How do you expect to get out of this situation? Catch a taxi, preferably with a driver that knows somebody with pickup truck. Cost of a trip (which is riding a taxi around the city and taking the bike from the road to the hostel): 23 US dollars.


I wanted an adventure so I have it. And I am happy with it. Tomorrow I am going to find somebody that will come and fix my tire. And hopefully I will be on the road again.

And hey, Captain America in Easy Rider gets a flat tire on the beginning of his trip as well. I could’t start better!