On the Road

The last days were the most exciting ones I had travelling in South America.
I started to hitchhike on 28th of March from El Chalten to somewhere in the north. In the first day I made to Gubernador Gregores.

Patagonia is a huge land and Route 40 is a really long road. I was sceptical about guidebooks that said it is Argentinian version of Route 66, but it is true. The landscape can be really monotonous, but also it can surprise you a lot with different colors and formations.

I also thought that I knew everything about hitchhiking. I was wrong and now I have this experience of remote road on a desert-like land with really low traffic (in some areas if you are lucky there are 3 cars passing by in an hour). Some parts of Route 40 are in construction and there is only dirt road you can travel by. Slowly. And there are only a few towns somewhere in the middle of nowhere. 


Even though summer just ended here it can be cold. You have to dress well and be patient. The car from the picture below goes the other way 😉