Burning Man: Few more pictures


Let’s start with this guy waiting to be picked up by an art car. There are many beautiful, huge, amazing, weird, flashy and loud cars that you can hop on. Most of them have decent sound systems, so basically they are parties on wheels. I didn’t even try to get a ride on any art car, so many things were going on. This is the thing to try the next time I’ll go there.

Black Rock City is all about fire. Not only The Man burns but other art installations as well.

My neighbours had a flamethrower. When in use keep it far away and mind the direction of wind. One mistake and you’ll smell burning hair (happened to me).

When the burn is going on it is getting hot.

Here is an art installation called “The Church Trap”. It featured an old organ that you could play. I am not sure what happened to the church because at some point it disappeared from The Playa. Oh yeah, Google says it burned.


Russian art installation called “MIR” burned on Friday. You could find actual wooden replica of MIR space station inside the pyramid.

Sun burns too… it was nice to cool down in the evening just before massive warm up during the night…

It was good to be there.

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