Popculture trip

It is been a long time since last blog update. Despite I had only one official adventure on my mind (which is going to Washington state and going back to San Francisco), many things happend. I believe I left you somewhere in Portland so let me tell you what I was up to since then.

When you are a kid you wish some of your favourites movies and characters were real. Since I saw Twin Peaks TV series for the first time I felt that way. You might think that it is a strange dream for a kid, to wish that such a dark place like Twin Peaks existed. Perhaps it is mysticism, maybe good people fighting with evil or just the story that made it so appealing.

As it is a good time to make dreams come true I took surprisingly cheap bus to Seattle and straight away picked up Toyota Corolla from car rental company. I put Twin Peaks TV series soundtrack on the speakers and despite bad weather I started to drive east to visit North Bend, Snoqualmie and Fall City. Bad weather means hot and sunny because as I remember Twin Peaks is almost always cloudy…

Snoqualmie Falls, can be seen on every Twin Peaks intro


Twedes Cafe (known as Double R diner from Twin Peaks) serves delicious cherry pie, must do for every Twin Peaks fan


After deleting another position from my bucket list and a long and scenic drive through Washington I arrived to North Cascades National Park. And forget about imaginary places from childhood because this one is a real thing. Here, during summer of 1956 Jack Kerouac spent on a mountain 63 lonely days as a fire lookout. His experiences were later presented in a book titled „Dharma Bums”. Ascending the mountain and going back takes three days, I had to take back the car on the next day so with a big regret I just decided I will do it next time…

Can you find Desolation Peak?

The last thing I did on my independent driving journey was a visit in Mount Baker State Park. Long and winding road through forest and mountains revealed one of my new favourite places in Washington.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker State Park area
DSC07263And again, in a hurry to run away from such a beautiful place, to drop off a car and not to being able to hike even a mile. Finally I got to the car rental company, 5 minutes before time, running really low on gas and unbelievably not getting lost in metropolis.

Concrete, little town in Washington


Cover photo was taken in Darrington, WA. The big one there seems to be Whitehourse Mountain.



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