Punta Arenas

I arrived to Punta Arenas yesterday, I was lucky enough to catch a ride straight from Ushuaia. As I found later, the German couple that picked me up at the city borders were also staying at the same hostel.

Passing through Tierra del Fuego was really interesting. The landscape varies from mountains to flats with dirt roads only, there are about 700 kilometers of nothing but nature. And many say that the whole Patagonia is like that.



And you have to cross the border, which is not as easy as in Europe. That is right, I am in Chile right now. It is little bit different here, Chileans are little bit warmer than Argentines which does not mean that the second ones are not warm at all.

At the moment I am in the cheap bus to Tierra Del Fuego national park. I bought pasta, beans, pesto and tomato sauce – they are going to be great supplies for dinners during next days, I am planning to spend some time hiking in the mountains 🙂