Pura Vida! Carribean, Bananas, Magical Night in a Hotel… PANAMA!


Various nations of Latin America have their own, specific sayings. Somebody in Argentina, when asked about well being, will probably reply “Buena Onda” (good vibrations). Costa Rican will most surely say “Pura Vida” (pure life) though.

I’m going to share more stories about Costa Rica soon but for now that’s it, I’m in Panama already! Does even anybody remember when I was wondering if my motorbike is going to make it? So instead of just laying down in front of TV, drinking beer an congratulating myself I’m sitting by the computer and writing…

DSC02798Riding a motorbike from San Jose to Limón. Little bit detoured, in the mountains and wondering if the road will have good pavement. It was worth it. (Costa Rica)

DSC02852Following Theroux: Limón. Nothing interesting there, but many times such places are the most interesting ones. I spent a night in a cheap hotel, bad reputation and thin walls included. (Costa Rica)

DSC02875Carribean. I drove to the beach but turned around right after. Muddy. (Costa Rica)

DSC02864Carribean coast of Costa Rica is cheaper, less touristy, poorer and in general there is no reason to go there… OK, you could actually use some new landscapes and smells, empty roads and pure fun of riding a motorbike. Pura vida. (Costa Rica)

DSC02887Banana which you are going to eat in three weeks just rolled by. (Costa Rica)

DSC02893“On the border some guys wanted a picture with me. Sure thing.” (Panama)

DSC02972“Hotel Madness” series. I’m spending this night in Chiriqui Grande, small port town, so strange it deserves another story… There is no fenced parking in my hotel, but I’m really concerned about the security so the owner eventually told me to lock my bike in the hotel room. “There is more then enough space there” he says. So I did it and it’s even better than pitching up a tent in a hotel room. (Panama)

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