Rio Mamoré drama, part 1: characters

Seven day Rio Mamoré trip was a big thing. Not because of the nature, atmosphere or lots of wild animals we did not see. Travelling on the boat is a living, getting know the people and becoming a part of the boat big family. Small decks of the ship does not have lot of place for secrets. After such trip one is full of anecdotes and ridiculous stories others will not going to believe. But first, meet the boat itself and people living there.



Royer, around 48 year old captain of the boat. After I signed for the trip I learned that he is blind for 2 years. But he can still make orders.

Jessica, 18 year old Royers wife. Works a lot, cooks a lot, she is able to make over 10 dishes from 3 different ingredients. Responsible for 8 o´clock breakfasts, 12 o´clock lunches, and 6 PM dinners. Knows how to make delicious fried cakes.

Tongo, their 1 year old son. Hangs around, observes gringos, plays with their stuff (he does not have even one toy of himself). He already knows all the dangerous places on the boat, so he is able to explore the place on his own. Seems to be dangerously interested in beer, wine an coca leafs.


Freddie (red hat) and Eric (captains brother), both are navigators. Thanks to coca and some mild dosages of alcohol, Freddie is full of energy and charismatic guy. Having his kids all around Bolivia he is going to visit his sister in Guayaramnerin, he did not see her for 7 years. Also, he learns some english phrases that will help him to seduce gringas. After the boat trip he is going back to Trinidad on his motorbike, the trip will take him 3 days.


Ricardo (Rysiek) is sitting all day on the base level of the boat, keeping an eye on the engine. Carlos (see below) claims that Ricardo also whispers some gentle words to the motor; casting the spell and making it run smoothly all the time, for the sake of the goods and people that needs to be carried down the river. One may say that he is the most important guy on the boat.

Noticeable dosages of alcohol helps him to get through the day.


83 year old grandmother of Jessica. She is living on the boat, helping a little bit and having fun everytime one of the gringos hits his head on the ceiling (which latino 170cm high standard). Also, she is having her favourite blue spoon. If you take it she will come after you!


Walter, 18 year old who navigates and keeps an aye on the boat during the night. Seems to be one of the most sane guy on the boat.


Mateo, 28 year old French gringo tourist. Seems to be happy and pleased with whatever comes. Infinite source of positive energy.


Carlos, 19 year old Canadian gringo. Dreaming of having mango plantation somewhere in lowland Bolivia. On the picture he is fighting mosquitoes.


And Juan, the author. Ready to jump into some jungle adventure, Indiana Jones like hat is a must have for that. After some time he learns that he is the owner of the only watch on the boat.