Exploring El Salvador: Ruta de las Flores


So El Salvador. After spending a night in a tent in cheap hotel room, running away from undefined number of furious mosquitoes and a cockroach (that really liked one of my flip flops by the way) I took my motorbike and rode around Ahuachapán. Then I headed to famous Ruta de Las Flores, a scenic road with some charming colonial towns on the way.

Surprisingly beautiful Ahuachupán, the first city in El Salvador after entering the country from Guatemala City. Is a proof how much the local government cares about tourism these days. See the crossroads sings here.



Apaneca, one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever seen. White paint glowing in the noons sun was truly impressive. The construction started in 2010, five years more of work to come.


Laguna Verde near Apaneca. Little bit of more familiar landscape, at least.


Charming, 85 year old Roberto from Jujulta.



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