Everyday Life, San Salvador


My favourite thing about travelling on a motorbike is that it is always ready for me to take a ride, especially when I am just staying in a bigger city. It gives me loads of independence and I can easily forget about crowded buses and traffic. On a motorbike, even in a such a big city like San Salvador, I can go through packed streets and be the first one waiting for the lights to change. Riding a motorbike through traffic is fun.

Motorbike. In the background: “Museo Forma Fundaction Julia Diaz“.

Frenzy is over, presidential elections are scheduled for the secound round. What is really happening is that I don’t travel so much recently, instead I am hiding in a decent hostel in San Salvador. The neighbourhood is quite rich, accommodation price is reasonable – bed in a dorm cost me 8 dollars for a night.


When I want to get a breakfast or lunch I just walk two blocks and buy it for 2 dollars.


My daily budget (excluding additional attractions and fun) doesn’t exceed 15 dollars. And it is really important, because despite the blog I have some other projects of my own going on right now. The right place to work and rest, as well as low living cost is crucial. I feel bad when I think about leaving this place because I have no idea when and where I’ll find such a good place like that.

Couple of “old” pictures. Last thursday I went to the expat meeting in San Salvador.


Left to right: Tatjana (Colombia) i Karla (El Salvador) surely bumping up aesthetic of this website.

Regarding the place, I value it so much because I have everything what I need right now. It is safe, quiet, almost like the neighbourhood I used to live in Warsaw. Totally different to the typical noisy Latin American market. It is good to stop seeing poverty, trash and sadness for a while. Damn, I was supposed to leave couple of days ago… I will think about it tomorrow morning.

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