The Most Beautiful Town in Nicaragua… Granada?


I am hanging out find some friends, lunch is done and I am thinking: should I zoom to Costa Rica today, now, or rather spend some more time in Nicaragua? So I flipped the coin and I stayed in Granada for the night. You do that as well?

I thought I was sick of colonial Central American towns (such as Oaxaca, Antigua or Leon) but actually Granada is little bit different and seems to be one of the most beautiful towns in Nicaragua, if not the most.

DSC02305Iglesia Xalteva.

DSC02303Church San Francisco.

DSC02321Every colonial town has to be located near to a volcano or such. Actually volcanic landscape is quite common here.

DSC02339Unique architecture on the Parque Central.

DSC02328View from the church San Francisco.

DSC02306Courtyard of Fuerte La Polvora, an 18th century fort.

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