The best

I like coincidences. They make me feel like there is something more about life besides things we can perceive only with our senses. Seems like intuition has a lot to do with it as well.

I am in San Francisco for seven days now, but I showed up in the Bay Area little bit earlier. It’s a funny story, I left Yosemite with an intent to go north, along the old gold rush trail. The first ride I got was going west to San Jose. I didn’t plan that and I didn’t think twice so on the same day I finally landed up in Santa Cruz, close enough to San Francisco (and upcoming Burning Man Decompression). I was planning to Couchsurf in Oakland the next couple of days and what’s more interesting, my future Couchsurfing host was in Santa Cruz as well… so finally she picked me up from the laundromat and we went to the Bay Area.

I hate fortune cookies. They are sort of tasty but always wrong. Here is what the last one I got was saying.


That’s a bold statement, even for a fortune cookie. I forgot about it shortly and on the following day, while exploring Best Buy and to my surprise my new charming friend showed up! The same day, in the evening we were almost jumping barbed wired fences… So watch out for asian food, Best Buy and other seemingly ordinary things, because one day you want to get the camera and shortly afterwards… you literally try to jump over barbed wire.

This is my fourth time in San Francisco, the second one this year and I still haven’t been to Alcatraz or Cable Car Museum. I am starting to put roots here, I know this city pretty well and I can even walk people around a little bit. I am quite sure that one day I will live here. Not now, the journey is tempting and the season change makes me go south. The road there is long and fascinating. So long that it ends far down in Panama. But where it is going to take me is a whole different story and that’s what’s about to come.

Leaving the best city in the world is always hard.