The old lands quest

Let me begin with a joke:

What is the first thing Polish people say where they meet in South America?

„Did you arrive with TAM airlines promotion?”

Okay, maybe it is not the best one, but as in every joke there is some truth in it. Many Polish people that traveled to South America this year were lucky enough to get some really awesome bargain. It is because we Poles are quite good at spending as less money as possible.

For example, my plane ticket (there and back) was 430 US dollars. From Madrid to Buenos Aires, returning from Lima to London (both transfers in Sao Paolo). Three month period is enough to see loads of things and experience much. Downside of having such ticket is no possibility to change flight dates. But still, for this amount of money you can just skip your flight back and use it as one way ticket.

A week ago when I was just going to hit flight back date I had to decide what is going to happen next with my trip. Initially, I was going all way north, United States if possible and my flight back was a backup only. Eventually (not going through the details of the decision right now) I took a flight. But stay with me as it is not the end of the journey yet; I am going to update the blog often and hopefully you are going to hear some good news shortly.