The story of two guitars

Once walking down from beautilfu Cerro Torre valley and listening to my iPod (which is by the way half broken now) I decided to buy a guitar, ukulele to be exact. Shortly I realized that I need something real, with six strings, but still small enough so I could travel with it.

I looked for an instrument in Bariloche first and then in Mendoza. Quite dissapointed because of low quality and high price I decided to continue my guitar quest in Santiago.

After some reaserch I found it, no name, satisfying quality, low cost (under $100) and small, 1/2 size. I bought it.


Then I went to another shop to buy some strings and saw IT. This Yamaha, 1/2 size, not so low cost but still affordable, well build and enjoyable guitar made me suffer. So after one day of temptation I bought the second guitar.


And then, rambling around Santiago streets with two guitars and a big backpack I took a bus to San Pedro de Atacama, hoping that I will sell the first one sooner or later.

As it turned out, the too-much-guitars-problems dissapeared really fast. During 24 hour bus trip to the Atacama desert I met James, Australian surfer. And guess what, here is the new happy owner!