Through High Sierras

I had a pretty bad day today until I finally decided to leave this kind of boring hole, which is Lake Tahoe City.

So with no specific agenda I decided to check out how it is to hitchhike through High Sierras.

Turns out that it is fantastic, right now after 6 rides with average wait time of 8 minutes I am relaxing in my sleeping bag in Chester, near Lassen National Park.

Highway 89 North, which I took leads through many small, forgotten and laid back towns. Some of them remind me of old western movies, so if you are looking for real American experience this is a place to be. I don’t even mention the nature…

People here in mountains are full of positive vibe, I could think I am somewhere else, not in the US. Or maybe it is just a reflection of my recently adopted latino mentality? 😉