Torres Del Paine recollections day #1

I woke up in a beautiful scenery. I ate a breakfast and asked some local mountain guides for hiking recomendations and I walked to the Mirador de las Torres. It is a great walk and with a little effort (around 6 hours both ways) you will get one of the best views in your life. And the best thing is that you cannot see the most beautiful part until last 20 minutes. The walk rewards you with such view:


You may think the picture is a spoiler but I assure you that the photo does not even show a little part of the valleys beauty. 

In the evening I got back at the camping, I was lucky enough to get a free supper with dessert included! (Thanks to mountain guides I met in the morning, they organize tours starting with guiding in the mountains, ending on cathering). The other days were just pasta, oat, pesto and tomato soup 😉


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