Volkswagen Beetle

Dear car lovers, I didn’t please you much since my stay in Buenos Aires, where I shoot some classic vehicles so hopefully a bunch of VW Beetles will make your day.

To get the picture how popular in Mexico VW Beetle is I’ll just write that most of those pictures where taken during three or four single days in Mexico.

Dakar edition DSC08773 DSC08775 Juice machine DSC00171 Flower power DSC08762 Mini truck DSC00182 Bad Boy DSC09293 „Zee Germans” edition DSC09265 Cleaning mod DSC09273 DSC09276 Rally edition DSC09307 Mini cargo DSC09267 VW Beetle is like wine… DSC09268 Zimny łokieć DSC09295 Long live the America! DSC09260 Double combo DSC09359 DSC09355 DSC09332 Triple combo! DSC09247 DSC09331 Almost fun to drive DSC00002 My ride DSC09347 DSC09998DSC09619 DSC09439DSC09417 DSC09363 DSC09362 DSC09356 DSC09353 DSC09352 DSC09351 DSC09350DSC09329 DSC09324 DSC09308 DSC09303 DSC09283 DSC09282 DSC09280 DSC09279 DSC09257 DSC09256 DSC00190 DSC00185 DSC00183 DSC00006 DSC09304