The Man Burns in 11 days, how to take part in Burning Man – Broadcast Live!


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Another sculpture made of wood will burn really soon, which is not even 2 weeks from now! The gate opens earlier though and since I’m not going this year I’ll celebrate the thing in other means, starting with this blog!

There are many ways to virtually take part in the festival, here’s the list of places for the next two weeks to visit.

The Blog,

Dedicated Burning Man page can be found here. You can find a direct link on the ride side of page as well.

I already made few pieces about last year’s Burning Man, you can find them here but there are some new stuff to come.

Live coverage

The webcast starts on 23rd of August and the transmission will be available all day long, until the end of the festival. The show might not be the most amusing you’ll ever see, because the camera often shows only the city from somewhere above. Thankfully from time to time they attach it on the art car that roams around the city. And the most important thing – on Saturdays night you will see traditional fire dancers followed by the burn!

Remember to watch the stream from time to time or just put it on somewhere in the background. If you are in Europe right now you’ll see quite weird thing: thanks to the time difference in the morning you’ll see crazy city with thousands of neons, in the afternoon the Playa will be quite empty and tired.

The webcast:

Burning Man Information Radio

Official festivals radio is a huge shot of positive energy. Couple of weeks ago BMIR started to broadcasts jingles and ads regarding events that will happen soon on the festival. It’s possible to listen to radio on The Playa (94.5 FM) and the Internet version runs whole year. Besides BMIR, Black Rock City offers you few other stations – it’s Burning Man and if you have resources and energy to do that nobody will stop you.

BMIR is the most important radio to listen at Burning Man, you will hear what’s currently happening in Black Rock City and probably learn about few events. But lets get this straight: Burning Man is about Burning Man, not about listening radio.

BMIR website: Be careful though because sense of humour is obligatory!

Official channels

The best source for new and knowledge are the official Burning Man pages which you’ll find here:

Official Burning man website:
Official Burning Man Facebook fanpage: Burning Man na Facebook


Remember that reading, listening and watching Burning Man on your own risk! It may occur that you’ll starting planning to go next year and you’ll quit your jobs, go abroad and experience, and then you’ll not want to go back. Be cautious, because Burning Man is not only about putting the wooden sculpture on fire, this festival will burn something that is deep inside you.

And it burned for me. You’ll hear about it shortly!


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