A Visit in Honduras, Patagonian Express, Border Vultures and Lots Of Pictures From The Road


I left San Salvador on Friday and since then I didn’t see any other European or American tourist. In the meantime I made through the border with Honduras, which was a hassle as usual:

  • Border vultures running after moto-gringo. Speeding up and trying to loose him doesn’t help. Actually it makes the vulture more determined and he starts to sprint.
  • El Salvadorian photocopy machine operator told me that I should make all copies in his office, because Honduras is experiencing power outage… yeah right.
  • The price of the second photocopy batch increased for 50%.
  • To my surprise bringing the motorbike to Honduras costed me 34 USD. The procedure required a two trips more to photocopy office.

It’s so easy to travel across the Europe. No hassle, just driving through. But really, some of those borders here are quite annoying and I’m not looking forward for the crossing with Nicaragua…

San Vincente, El Salvador.

The old train station where in 1979 Paul Theoraux got off from a train from San Salvador. The building is a bus terminal now, according to locals the last train rode here 26 years ago. I couldn’t find any remains of train tracks there..

Some fantastic architecture can be found not only in San Salvador.

This fella really wanted a picture. Then he asked me for change…

After border crossing with Honduras the game of avoiding holes in the road started. I had the road all for myself for a long time, which is quite uncommon here in Central America. The landscape was gorgeous!

On my way to Tegucigalpa I drove into beautiful little town Pespire.

Colonial towns with charming plazas and churches are gems amongst dirty and noisy Latin American cities.

Dudes wanted a picture as well.


At some point my speedometer started to show 0 kmph. The cause was detached cable as shown on the picture below.

Speedometer malfunction costed me couple of kilometres. An hour later…

You can see and smell pines all around Tegucigalpa.

Tegucigalpa centre at last!


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