Poles are illiterates!

Today, while waiting for a bus to La Paz I met an interesting, 40 year old guy. Whole conversation was in Spanish, but it is easy to convert it to English. Hope it would be a good starter for monday morning, enjoy!

Guy: Are you a student or proffesional?

Me: I am a proffesional.

Guy: Yeah? What is your proffession?

Me: I am computer programmer.

Guy: Oh yeah? It is easy. You nead six months to study that.

Me: No, it took me five years!

Guy: I am a doctor specialized in traumatology. Also (and here he starts to enumerate other things related to medicine so fast that I could not understand).

Me: Oh yeah? And how much did it take you to study that?!

Guy (showing only five fingers using one hand): Ten years.

Me: Ten (me showing five fingers) or five (me showing ten fingers)?

Guy: Ten! (showing ten fingers this time). And where are you from?

Me: Poland.

Guy: Aaa, Lik Wajnsa!

Me: No, Lech Walesa!

Guy: But he is an illiterate.

Me: (Ready to say that he might be little bit under educated but did few nice things for our country and not only) …

Guy: All Poles are illiterates.

Me: What?

Guy: Poles are illiterates.

Me: Yeah? How do you now?

Guy: I read on the internet.

Me (Little bit provocated): Do you have internet in La Paz?

Guy: Yeah, we have all.

Me: Really? There is internet in La Paz?

Guy (Little bit offended): Yes, we have internet. We have also police!

Me: 🙂

After that I started to wonder if I have enough space on my camera to record some movie while asking more questions to the guy…