The southernmost town in the world

I did not plan it that way, but I took a flight to Ushuaia, which is said to be the southermost city in the world. It was mine fourth flight in one week and that is enough. Time to travel in traditional style 🙂

Last hours in Buenos Aires were really magical, I left hostel at night with “Sound of Silence” on the radio, the streets were empty and only some kids were playing football near my bus stop.

Buses after 2 AM dont have many passangers, I even had to make one transfer, which was kind of interesting because the driver did not let me leave the bus until the other arrived. Streets of Buenos Aires can be really dodgy, especially at night. Beware.

Flight was really terrible, until the departure at 5:30 AM I had not much sleep. It was not possible also to get some decent sleep in airplane. It was like searchhing for whatever position to fall asleep in just for a little.

Ushuaias airport is located quite near to the city, 30 minutes walk to the city borders and around 1 hour to the center. So I just declined to share a taxi with some other guy and enjoyed a walk in new scenery. 


Ushuaia feels exotic, the air smells of sea and mountains. You can see rugged peaks that are above 1000 meters high and the snow starts around 600 meters (and it is summer here right now). 


The area is outdoorsy, full of tourism, and it looks that it is more expensive than Buenos Aires. The most exciting thing is that you can take a trip to Antarctica, 10 days for around $5000.

Oh yeah, and I bought my first yerba mate set 🙂



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