Burning Man: Yerba Mate Playa Express

Let’s get back to the Burning Man for a short while.

The whole thing is a gifting and sharing community. It means that every participant should make some contribution during the event, for the sake of whatever idea stands behind it. Just spread the love and enjoy giving.

Some people give candies, other massages and I decided to bring my yerba mate addiction to the whole new level. The thing I wanted to share with Black Rock City citizens was traditional Argentinian beverage. Shortly I came with an idea of mobile yerba mate service and with a help from my neighbours I made this.


Quite excited I was ready to go.

When I finally took a ride on the main street the horror started. Those brave daredevils weren’t discouraged by horrible playa conditions, my East European accent or bitter taste, they wanted to drink it. I remember preparing and drinking something around five yerba mates during one afternoon. It may not be the best playa score, but certainly I set my personal record there.

It happened on Saturday, shortly after The Man burned and the biggest and most chaotic rave I ever been to started. I stayed up till the sunrise, went back to my camp and thanks to five chimarrãos couldn’t fall asleep until 10 in the morning.

More on Burning Man: here is the general impression I got from the festival. I also posted some pictures from the event here and here.


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