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When I was travelling through Central America I developed a habit to write regularly. With a few exceptions for two months you could read new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This time I fail all the time. You know why? Because it’s good here. Really good.

I’m in Cali, Colombian or Worlds capital of salsa, depends on who you speak to. So how does it look like here? A lot of people dance salsa here, most of the bars has it and you can find a place to dance everyday. Just before arriving to Cali I figured out that I might have some hard time here I took few salsa lessons back in Bogota. I’m here in Cali since Friday and yet there was no day I wouldn’t dance salsa. Yesterday I left hostel and went for the language exchange but finished at 1 AM when the salsa party finished. That’s interesting, because I even didn’t have a sip of beer. But today I’m not dancing. It’s a rest time.

So how is it? First few times were horrible but thankfully all the borders are slowly disappearing and eventually salsa starts to make sense, it becomes quite natural and the body is adjusting to new moves. Salsa, with it’s specific rhythm, latino feel and unlimited possibilities of improvement and expression taught me that it can actually be the same as my other passions such as skateboarding or surfing. The thing that you can get better at your whole life.

I arrived to Cali after five day trip from Bogota. I recorded loads of footage which I started to put up in new episode of Latino Soap Opera but I’m little bit overwhelmed how much work more I have and starting to wonder if I should make two or three separate episodes. And there’s a chance I will make it for halloween.

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