El Tunco: Unexpectedly Long Stop


My hideout.

When somebody asks me how long I am here in El Tunco I answer ten days. When they ask me how much more time I plan to stay I respond that it just depends on the surf.

Good weather, surfing and cheap hostel dorm (7 USD) was enough to keep me here for a while. And it is a quite specific place. A few streets, lots of tourists and dozen of restaurants and bars with prices comparable or higher than Warsaw. So usually I just take my motorbike and ride to La Liberdad, where I shop on the local market.

Despite the fact that El Tunco is only about surfing and the beach is kind of average I met here something around ten friends that I already knew from my past travels. And usually when you go for a walk you meet somebody several times which actually makes it feel more like home.

Let me show you around.

Kitchen, dining room and the office.


Main strip. Restaurants, bars, little shops.



San Salvadorian weekenders storming the beach.



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