On Sunsets, Mount Everest, People and… El Tunco


I saw a sunset yesterday. A short motorbike trip led me to the coastal viewpoint, the place from I could see something I cannot really express.

Standing on a cliff I could see all the waves and reflections. Feeling quite melancholic I entered the land without a time. Moments like that, while climbing this metaphoric Mount Everest, make you grasp the world in a unique way.

But stop dreaming now, it is a time for few words of truth. You could think that El Tunco is a paradise. Perfect weather, beach, surfing, parties and easy life. Well, it is a paradise here for sure but actually I am quite busy and constantly wondering why I run out of time so often. When not surfing I work on my blog and couple of other projects. And did I mention socialising with fellow travellers? On a trip like that you meet new people all the time and all the relationships develop in a different, more intense way. So how to rest? :-)

I feel like it is a time to go. Over two week stay is as twice as I travelled in whole Guatemala. I want to get on my motorbike but it is hard to let El Tunco go.

Day trip to nearby Tamanique waterfall.


Me leveraging some old climbing skills. Picture by Monica Johansson.

Spontaneous hostel haircut.


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