Rio Mamoré Drama, Part 4: Amazon Rainforest Around Guayaramerín


In May 2013 I signed up for a seven day trip down the Rio Mamoré river. I landed up on a small cargo boat with Bolivian crew and two other gringo tourists, ready to see the heart of Amazon Basin in Bolivia. Previous parts of the story can be found here: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Seven day trip on Rio Mamoré led us to Guayaramerín, forgotten corner of Bolivia, just by the border with Brasil. It is a typical end of the world, where it is actually easier to get by a boat than by a car. And finally, it has some dark border stories, as the one from 2010 when French tourist couple just disappeared.

We agreed on one thing, we wanted to learn something about this part of Amazon rainforest. In no time we found a local hunter who hosted us in his shack and took for a walk around the forest.


Unfortunately, the jungle around Guayaramerín is quite empty. Despite three metre boa that was sleeping on a path we didn’t see any other living creature. Most of animals were already killed and getting fresh meat usually means taking a longer walk.


Evening chat fueled by cheap alcohol and coca leaves.


Mateo. No animals but lots of interesting plants.


Snails shell.



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