Motorbike Trip From Honduras to Nicaragua


I didn’t spend much time in Honduras. For the sake of landscapes I took a surprisingly long detour but it was worth it, most of the time the road was perfect, traffic low and scenery delightful. Border crossing took me two and a half hour and as usual, it was full of typical attractions.



DSC01943On the border my motorbike was surrounded by a bunch of Nicaraguan truck drivers and a chicken, all interested in a trip that I’m having. You can see how my bike looks like with all the stuff on it. Mind that I usually don’t drive with my flip flops attached like that.

DSC01957One of many cigar factories in Estelí. In a place like that you can feel refreshing smell of tobacco.


DSC02066In the end I arrived to León, colonial town famous the biggest cathedral in Central America and a revolution that took place in 1979.

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