How was it?

„How was it?” is a question which I hear often right now. It is a hard one, when I get that my face becomes numb, mind blocks and melts while going through three month memory period to find the right answer. And obviously it cannot be found.

I travel not because of the destination. My travels are road oriented, this is how it all started. Long term travels are more like everyday living, so sometimes I feel like trying to describe what happend in my usual life. However I still have some anecdotes and interesting facts that I am happy to share.

So how was it? In short, I experienced many amazing things, met some incredible people and felt really tired from time to time. I was also negatively surprised how touristic and trite such South American journey can (but doesn’t have to) be.

There is one important thing I got from this journey, it’s a truism and unfortunately this is what it takes to understand one, to spend long vacations on other continent. I am writing about seeing and understanding South American third world countries, such as Bolivia or Peru. People living there, having materially less actually seem to have little bit more. And what’s striking, the inequality between South America and Europe is obvious. Unfortunately it’s a thing that many of first world travellers don’t care about and even don’t want to see.

And again, how was it? It’s simply soaking the part of the world you are in, learning a lesson out of it and trying to leave some positive vibe while passing by.