Vegas baby!

Four years ago I experienced an amazing journey through the United States. I was travelling with my backpack, having only a few things on my mind. I always wanted to go back, to roam little bit more through those beautiful landscapes and visit national parks that I couldn’t see before.

Despite being with the nature all the time (visited about 10 national parks and spend countless nights in my tent while hitchhiking) I also visited few cities, including Las Vegas. Apparently the city isn’t that interesting but still can be really entertaining. Did I mention that I didn’t even spend a penny at casinos?

Four years after my memorable trip I am going back. To my surprise, instead of New York this time I am starting in Las Vegas. And actually it’s perfect, because it was cheap (as cheap as August tickets to the US can be…) and I’m going to be close to the west coast and events that are one my mind recently…