San José del Cabo

This morning I woke up before six. I grabbed some snacks, a surfboard and rushed to catch a bus. When I got to the beach the sun was about to rise. I couldn’t see anything that would promise a nice surf that morning though. After a while a nice set of waves came by and it eventually made me to jump into the water and paddle. I admired the sunrise, the sky was clear and the sun rose just in the middle of the ocean.

San José del Cabo is a gringo-land, a resort for American and Canadian tourists, high prices and Mexican experience far from authentic are guaranteed. I wasn’t planning to stay here that long, luckily I found some cheap accommodation with surfboard that I could borrow for free.

After a week I can close my eyes and see the waves, when I sit my body feels like rocking on the sea. I can almost feel a surfboard leash wrapped around my ankle. It’s beautiful but again, it’s not free. Putting yourself in this unique position, which is harnessing the waves itself, comes with steep learning curve, sore body and salty water deep inside your nose. And what’s amazing, sometimes just being there and waiting for a wave is enough.