San Pedro de Atacama

(Big hugs to anyone reading this! :))

There are three types of tourist destinations:

  • Places where you do not see tourists
  • Medium or big cities, where tourists are normal landscape
  • Small cities where there are more tourists than locals

The third type is the one that I don´t like at all (usually). San Pedro de Atacama is one of such places, however it has to offer lots of beautiful views, activities or even areas where typical tourists don´t go.

First I rented a bicycle for 6h and biked across some mountains. Lots of fun, amazing views and not so easy desert to ride through. The sun is unforgivable, I drank almost 5 liters of water that day.


Later on, tired and happy managed to take part in a gringo football match. We won 3:0, I scored one and did enough as a goalie too.

The next day I only managed to go on a short tour to a lake-you-can-float-in-because-is-so-salty and a few other places. Here are some pictures from the trip. The keyoword is SALT.




But it was one week ago and right now I am in Bolivia which is a bit different story.


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