“Soft Landing” (Part Two)


One ferry, two flights, few buses and a subway, four trains and five countries, all of that during 48 hour period. One year ago, when I was going back from Peru I flew to London and then hitchhiked all the way down to Poland. Seems like adventurous homecomings are now a tradition.

From Colombia I flew to Florida where I caught a plane to Copenhagen. One and a half hour train ride took me to Swedish Ystad where I hopped on a ferry to Poland. And there to reach home I just had to catch few trains.

I guess if I could find a cheap flight I would go straight to Warsaw. But I couldn’t so I had to improvise and in the effect I extended my seven month trip by two intense days, in countries totally different to Latin American ones, experiencing new and surprising myself couple of times. By the way, extended travels across Latin America made it easy to plan such a trip across Europe.

IMG_0728In the meantime in Medellin…

Honda found it’s temporary home in Colombia. The odometer shows only 7700 kilometres and it seems like this year I’ll give South America the third try.


The fact I’m staying in Poland now doesn’t mean that I’m suspending this blog. Actually right now it is the time for the old and unpublished stuff and ideas, ones that I had no time for during my travels. So feel free to step by at least once a week.

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