“Soft Landing”


During one of my first flights I realised that aviation has a lot of space for improvement. I bet you remember that shortly before the landing you can hear “funny sounds”, feel the plane rocking to the left and right and eventually hitting the ground not that soft. Sometimes it is so hard that stressed passengers have to clap their hands to relieve the tension.

My recent transfer in the US took only couple of hours, but that was enough to make me think. During one afternoon I went through the long, two hour immigration process and finally rode couple of public buses, full of scenes that you will never see in Latin America. Public transportation in the US is often used by people that can’t afford a car and if somebody can’t buy their own vehicle, it may mean that they just didn’t succeed in life.

Let’s get back to the afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first unusual scene I saw was a black men wearing a pink swimming cap made out of rubber. OK, that might be an element of current fashion, you can see many R.A.P. musicians wearing that. But that’s not the end of unique personalities there. During a stop on a main station somebody started to scream. Young father with a baby carriage couldn’t stand the fact that everybody started entering the bus before letting him to get out. His screaming was full of uncontrolled stress and fury. Uff, but let’s go further. Few kilometres (and stinky homeless) down the road I saw The Most Interesting One. Wearing open motorcycle helmet and carpenters glasses he carried the flag of United States. This patriot, ready for the nuclear apocalypse had no fear for the blinding light of splitting atom. OK, I might have gone too far with my imagination but tell me, what was the reason of his unusual dress?

Half a year ago, in a cinema in San Francisco I saw “Blue Jasmine”. I was expecting typical Woody Allen’s comedy, full of brilliant jokes and making fun out of life. Finally I left the cinema stressed out, like the main character and hundreds of San Francisco citizens, ones that you can spot on the street talking to themselves and shouting at others.

Both Europeans and Americans are all representatives of western civilisation. There is something unique in Americans mentality though, I am not yet sure how to call it and the reason why it is there but I promise that next time I’ll visit Uncle Sam I’ll look for it and make a report. But don’t get me wrong, because even if I’m writing about negative aspects today I also already know that you can find many open minded and progressive individuals there.


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