The Man burns in 361 days!

It is amazing. I set really high expectations about Burning Man and it was actually better than I supposed it is going to be. In other words, I am travelling since March and Burning Man week was literally the first week I really felt I am having vacations. It is just so different to things you get everyday.

Six intensive days on the desert equals lots of fun, insights about yourself and life as well as challenging moments (but as I talked to other Burners everybody has some from time to time).

In general, I have been to too many raves (which made my mornings miserable because of unfriendly tent and shade structure, my camp could have a name of „Hangover Oven” or „Frying Sun” or „Dry Sauna Torture”…), attended to some really interesting workshops covering yet unexplored areas of life and even shared a couple of Yerba Mates with Black Rock City citizens.

For some reasons I did not take many pictures during this years Burning Man. To be honest I don’t even have any picture from the big Saturday night, when The Man was burned. I decided to fully commit to the experience and not to think about taking as many pictures as possible; thankfully there are other phothograpers that are OK with sacrificing their Burn for the sake of taking stunning pictures (a joke but half true), so in the end you will find hundreds of amazing pictures elsewhere. I was also little bit afraid of dust getting into my precious little camera and destroying it.

The other important reason I gave up photography was the photo agreement I needed to sign. Initially, I submitted application for taking pictures for commercial use but the contract I got for signing was just not acceptable for me. I will write about this on other occasion, but have in mind that you can still take pictures for personal use without any contract.
By the way, Burning Man is such a creativity generator that you will read about it here more..

Right now, still having a dusty mind I am having a big rest in Lake Tahoe area in California. Getting into the speed of travelling again, digesting what happend in Black Rock City and dreaming about next years visit…