Highway 101

Everytime I travel to San Francisco I cannot get rid of Scott McKenzie out of my mind. And when I finally get there it feels like home.

After short and not so fascinating stay in Seattle I hit the road again. I picked famous Highway 101, the road that goes all the way Los Angeles and the same I took in 2009.


At one point I landed in Newport, Oregon. I walked out of the town and to my surprise I got to the same hitchhiking spot I’ve been dropped off in 2009. What would every decent travel geek do in such situation? He would take a picture in the same spot again and put them on the blog.

Newport 2009
Newport 2013

The same coast, but so much of a different trip.

The story about guy who dropped me off there in 2009 is rather sad. He was terminally ill, he hired a woman to take care of him so he could enjoy one of his last road trips. Drinking lots of alcohol, doing good deeds, listening to Led Zeppelin and admiring the coastline.



The trip took me four days and there are things I want to to write about really soon. But for now you just need to know that after couple of days in the Bay Area I am leaving again. I’ll be back.

My ride into the Bay Area, Blake driving his 1979 Cadillac


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