The Story of San Jose: Latino Torpedo, Beautiful Mountain Road and Obvious but Unexpected


I reached my current destination, San Jose, taking Panamerican Highway but kind of backwards, going into direction of Nicaragua. I am zig-zaging that much mostly because my time here is limited and I would like to know the country as much as possible.

There is a lot to admire though, landscape in Costa Rica is really versatile and this section of Panamericana (which starts in San Isidro del General and leads to San Jose), 134 kilometres in total, goes through mountains that are over 3000 metres high. Now I know why I had to dress really warm (including thermoactive underwear) and why the engine started to hiccup at some point.

That was slow but steady ride on a mountain road full of curves, with beautiful sights, moments of euphoria and pure “here and now”. So good that even getting a flat tire again didn’t upset me much that day. With some experience you just start accepting breakdowns as an inherent part of travelling with your own vehicle.

DSC02534Riding around.

DSC02649Riding into the clouds.

DSC02676Exploring back roads.

DSC02692Riding into the sun.

DSC02706In the middle I got a flat tire. There is not a lot of civilisation here in the mountains, only couple of restaurants and small communities. Luckily I wasn’t far away from one of them and I could get some help from a local pickup driver.

DSC02707Now I am wondering where I am going to find a workshop. Thankfully there was one just 15 kilometres away.

DSC02711Workshop that specializes in car tires. I am learning too.

DSC02760Eventually I arrived to San Jose, supposedly the safest big city of Central America.

DSC02736Red or green, it doesn’t matter.

DSC02768In a moment of admiration I made this picture including Latino Torpedo, The Bender of Space-Time Continuum. When Latino is in a rush it means there is something really important going on. Luckily the riddle solved itself shortly after…

DSC02786…6th minute of football game. Shortly after I made previous picture I went to get dinner in some random Asian restaurant. Now I know what was the rush all about. Note that if he’s going to keep drinking as fast he’s not going to make to the end of the game.

DSC02772Three colours.

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