Colombian Women, Colombian Cocaine (Confusion Part Two)


Colombian Chicks

They say that the most beautiful women of Latin America can be found in Colombia and the city with biggest ratio of pretty girls is Medellin. So I was there and unfortunately I have to admit, that during my two week stay the prettiest girls I saw were… on the airplane to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

In Colombia plastic surgery is quite cheap, easily accessible and common. There is even specific type of tourism called “Medical tourism”, where people (mainly women) from more developed places (usually the US) travel to Colombia just to improve their looks. And what’s interesting, while browsing the list of typical treatments I found “knee fat injection (?)” and “ankle fat injection”. To this day I was thinking that fat is supposed to be taken out of the body, but it seems that for some parts of the body it can be injected as well.

There is some dependency between Colombian women looks and availability of plastic surgery. I tried to find the reason for that and bumped into this website, where the author claims that due to drug wars many men were killed and todays women don’t have sufficient male partners. The competition among women is bigger but they can help themselves by improving their bodies. The source of this information is quite suspicious (the author wrote that there is seven times more women than men…) so I’ll just leave that as a curiosity.

Colombian Cocaine

My first night in Medellin was quite tough. After unusually productive evening, where I was able to match together couple of hundreds words, making a whole piece eventually little bit better then mediocre, I went to bed. I was lying down with this strange excitement, observing the rush of thought and waiting for sleep that wouldn’t come. Eventually I got to this strange realisation of a simple fact: “For sure! Here I am in Medellin, the city of Pablo Escobar, here you can get cocaine even in tap water”. Damn, I don’t want to know their methods of smuggling drugs.

Medellin was a city of Pablo Escobar, but that was 25 years ago, when he was still alive. After breaking the Medellin Cartel new organisations showed up and all the madness that Colombia witnessed for decades moved closer to the United States. Currently it bothers poor Mexicans, but that’s for another time.

Nightlife in Zona Rosa in wealthy El Poblado is full of tourists and street vendors that sell chewing gum, cigarettes and… coke. To be honest, I heard this magical sentence “Amigo, yo tengo cocaina! (Dude, I have cocaine!)” before, in Cartagena, in a daytime, on a street in touristy area. The dealer didn’t even try to whisper, but being little bit mysterious he accented his statement like he wanted to explain that my pointless, sunday walk is about to end, at last! Sometimes in Colombia if you have white skin and you wear flip flops it means the same as you would write “I’ll buy cocaine” on your forehead. But I started to build this knowledge about coke before, during my travels across Central America. Because their borders leak as hell.

The proximity of the source of white powder makes its quality and price much better than in United States or Europe. So much that sometimes during long hostel evenings, when everybody drink beer, the most popular person becomes the one that still has something left.

The cocaine industry has many different sides. Starting with farmers, that can grow coca and support their families, continuing with fat fishes and their cartels making profits that you can count in millions of dollars, there are corrupted politicians having their private and unofficial armies (paramilitary groups). Somewhere in the jungle hides leftist guerilla, but there are also regular drug traffickers, that risk their freedom but can make a lot of money really fast. And eventually there are those, that actually enable the evil machine: consumers in the US, Europe and Australia. They pay much more money than the price in Colombia, for the drug of a quality much lower than original. And they don’t have any idea what kind of problems drug business actually causes.

There is no way to estimate the size of this unofficial branch of Latin American economies, the times where the cocaine was a drug for elites are over. Demand, export and availability increases, the government of US loses the drug war, their citizens still consume, while in Mexico some gangsters abandon busses full of massacred bodies. Citizens of El Poblado in Medellin are happy with their wealth and their banks are looking for new ways to legalise money from drug trade. The states of Colorado and Washington legalise marijuana that you’ll be able to buy it from vending machine. Somewhere in Honduras, under the cover of night another little airplane lands with a new batch…

They say, go to Colombia, try cheap and good coke. It’s cheap for sure, I heard it’s quite good as well. You are not going to get my review though, because I didn’t try it. Even if I would, I wouldn’t have any other experience to compare with. Because I stick to green tea, yerba mate and coffee. Oh yeah, I drank some of that before my first night in Medellin…

Colombian Creativity

Colombian confusion” is on. During my work on this entry I heard the sad news: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian writer and Nobel Prize receiver died today in Mexico. I don’t know his work, I just read a few pages of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

They say: read it. And you don’t even need to go anywhere, because Marquez, one of the greatest representative of magical realism, will take you on a trip you’ll never forget.


  • tbsbet says:

    In collaboration with Never Mind The Hype – an independent Dutch music platform (think: rock meets alternative, or stoner rock meets psych), which is the follow up to Cortonville

  • Jason says:

    You didn’t bang any Colombian girls OR try the cocaine? What’s the point of going there then lol. So boring

  • Joseph Foster says:

    Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women.

    Produced by Netflix, the show “Narcos” takes on the infamous Medellin drug cartel which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar (Brazilian actor Wagner Moura) and U.S. DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), on opposite sides of what would become an all-out war.

    Many critics of true crime dramas have always complained they are promoting crime and violence by glorification, an unintended consequence of American entertainment industries. These shows can have other interesting consequences.  The Foreign Bride industry has seen a huge spike in demand for Colombian women. This can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on social perspective.

    Foreign Brides, sometimes referred to as “mail order brides”, a term the industry completely rejects, have become a billion dollar a year business.  According to industry leaders, Colombia represented only about 3% of the market three years ago.  Since the popularity of Narcos, many companies have seen near tenfold increases in men seeking Colombian wives.

    A Foreign Affair (AFA), a company that helps men find women through international tours, says tours to Colombia are now selling out. AFA arranges group tours where 10 to 20 men travel together to Medellin, Cartagena or Barranquilla. During the tour, they attend arranged Social events where the men meet hundreds of beautiful Colombian women looking for marriage. Women can also place their profiles on the AFA web site, in the hopes of finding a husband.

    Kenneth Agee, the marketing director for AFA says, “Because of the show we are doubling our tours to Medellin for next year. Narcos has brought a lot of attention to the intense beauty of Colombian women.  Although the show is often very violent, the women of Colombia come across as very family oriented and loyal. These values seem harder and harder to find in this world. I would have to agree, because of the interest in Narcos, we even added an excursion to where Pablo’s self-built prison was located, in the hills overlooking Medellin.

    The crowning of 2015 Miss Universe Paulina Vega put Barranquilla, Colombia on the map. Barranquilla now has recognition for being home to some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Not only is Miss Universe from here, Grammy Award winning pop singer Shakira, and actress Sofia Vergara also call Barranquilla home.  Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. She’s been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Prime time Emmy Awards, and 7 Screen Actors Guild Awards, all stemming from this role. In 2014, she was ranked as the 32nd Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes.

    David from Mesa AZ says he met more qualified women in one week than he has during the last 10 years. In 2010, Lisa Ling and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) filmed a one hour show on the AFA tour called “Online Brides – Our America with Lisa Ling.”  Even Lisa Ling was surprised by the beauty and sincerity of the women from Barranquilla.

    Janet Davis, head of a women’s rights group says “AFA is just taking advantage of women from these third world countries. This is no different than Pablo trafficking in narcotics, but these companies traffic women.” Proponents refer to a Report (INTERNATIONAL MATCHMAKING ORGANIZATIONS: A REPORT TO CONGRESS) that these marriages have much lower divorce rates and abuse rates compared to traditional domestic marriages. This data makes international dating similar to a woman in the US joining eHarmony to look for a husband.

    23-year-old Viviana, from Cartagena, says “I come to these events because I know the men attending are serious about marriage, they are faithful and are good to family. For Colombian women, it is the most important thing, good husband and good family.

    Kenneth says, “It has not been all rosy. Narcos has brought us some problems. In Cartagena, we have several Penthouses we rent out.  One was originally owned by “Don Diego” head of the Norte Del Velle Drug Cartel, the other by Pablo’s people. Over the past year, the properties have been tracked down by individuals thinking they will find large qualities of cash hidden, thus we sometimes find holes all over the walls after a tenant leaves.

    For Narcos fans, those who love the gangster genre, or just those who just like seeing beautiful Latin women, there’s good news; Netflix’s has confirmed Season 3 and 4.

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    When selecting fabric for just about any home improvement venture it is important that you can make time to look around. You must make sure that you are currently getting the very best value that you just are able to and this anything will not be overpriced at the shop. It is possible to typically comparison buy online.
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    To acquire the most from your fruit drinks, it’s best to drink them before you decide to try to eat whenever your belly is empty. Your gastrointestinal tract should be able to absorb more of the nutrients and vitamins inside the fruit juice if it’s mainly bare. Additionally, you will sense bigger soon after ingesting the juices, which means you will eat less when you do have dinner.
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    Try not to thinking of buying real estate property just like you would a whole new set of footwear. Tend not to try to look around and waste time checking out other qualities. In contrast to shoe buying, you might not be able to come back to a prior residence. When you choose one you enjoy, buy it.
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    Come across and look are powerful avenues where you could promote your website. They can get you lots of visitors in the short length of time. The only downward fall is these sites can get you visitors that is not especially interested in your market, which may decrease your probability of finding fascination with the visitors.
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    Over the course of 12 months, millions to vast amounts of individuals journey around the globe. Travelling might be a rather exciting and fun experience, but there are several items to take note when choosing to journey. In the event you keep to the vacation advice found in the following paragraphs, you’ll be ready for your trip.
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    Sadly, you won’t generally have a guide to assist you inside your deals. You will have to do a few of these points on your own. That doesn’t signify you can’t study fantastic posts like these and aid your placement out, however. Take advantage of the ideas you simply read through right here to be sure that you’re constantly obtaining a good price with professional real estate.The Way To Repair Your Credit history Soon after Submitting Bankruptcy
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    To help you the best from your discount utilization, you must aim to only use coupon codes on products which you actually use. Often men and women eliminate the coupons and purchase points they do not require. This ultimately ends up in you overspending on items that you would probably never have bought.
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    Bear in mind that most insurance policy plans to usually do not cover surgical treatment. This implies you will probably have to cover your procedure out of your individual budget, that could truly tally up. If price is a problem for yourself, you might want to consider obtaining the method in yet another region where by plastic surgery is usually more affordable.
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    While preparing an insurance declare, be certain to continue to keep thorough records of expenditures compensated away from pocket just before syndication. It really is popular for enterprise coverage to feature payments for assert planning bills, however homeowners may also be capable to negotiate in their final claim pay out reimbursement for function done to papers their loss.
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    When you don’t have family in your neighborhood to inquire about assistance from, check the Much better Company Bureau’s website to learn just how the sellers in the area are handling clients. This will assist you to at the very least eliminate people that have many grievances out of your list of alternatives.
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    Operating a blog is surely an exciting business for anybody that want to share information or even an view over a specific issue. Other individuals love to blog concerning their daily have a problem, or ask for inspiration to obtain over an dependence, etc. Check this out article to learn how to manage a blog site, regardless of what you talk about.
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    When casting your line in a stream, or lake, ensure you have satisfactory clearance, particularly if are unfamiliar with sport fishing. Hooks can simply find on trees and shrubs, shrubs, energy lines, or another products over head, which might imply that you shed your catch and bait. Generally cast from your spot containing lots of space.
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